Persistent Memory

If This is 1925 This Must be Portland

Wherein our Investigators Decide to Slaughter Livestock

  • Marian reads Martensen’s Journal and learns the following facts, although most of the book has crumbled or is severely water-damaged:

While visiting with the Gilbert islanders in the south Pacific, Martensen had learned of the spirits that live “within our World and Nature but are strangers to it, like shadows cast through a window into our rooms." The islanders say that in the ocean to the north there is “well” at the bottom of the ocean in the midst of a submerged city, but the well has been cut off and the spirits are “dead for now.” Despite the mockery and protests of his shipmates he participates in a celebration of these spirits.

Later in more legible pages you learn that Martensen is in France to discover the wheerabouts aof a “Demon” called Eyehort. From the “Silver Priests” in Bristol. You gather that he had met them as part of his whaling life but it’s unclear how. Eyehort also resides in “well”.

Finally, much later, there are notes indicating Martensen was aware time was short for him here. He was leaving because he may have better luck “at the other end of the well in the United states.”

In addition there are occult notes, wherein Mariam finds a translation of the Emerald Tablet that Martensen attributes to Sir Issac Newton (a well-known fact and translation). Apart from that though, Martensen claims that there was more from that tablet within Newton’s notes. How he acquired these alleged notes is not stated. Those notes continue on in a much rougher form than the other part of the Emerald Tablet but, after some interpretation, show how to open the gate using the components mentioned in The Azure Crown but it is unclear if Martensen ever understood what the translation signified or if he was aware of The Azure Crown.

  • Douglas and Marian quickly deduce that the gate back will probably not be in the caverns near the Grant house but rather at the dolmen at the ruined church, in part because thus far dolmens have been doors in but not out and in part because of the reports of sounds of battles from other times that were heard at the church.
  • Marian realizes that the gold and copper are not literal components, but rather ‘life’ and ‘blood’ respectively. A sacrifice will need to happen and blood will need to flow.
  • After stealing a sheep and a smelly car ride, our heroes make it to the ruined church and pull up the flagstones, revealing the abandoned Mithraeum beneath.


  • Miram performs the ritual, but not without challenges — thinning the boundary between worlds seems to provoke a psychic assault from someone or something: Troy and Douglas have flashbacks to the war, Clara thinks she is a new nurse at Morningside, and Marian is a youth learning about… the occult? So it would seem; she’s learning about the tools of the trade which includes that squat statue from the auction. It seems to flicker wildly, sometimes gray, sometimes green. Here is the stone color, albeit the statue is highly polished comparatively speaking.
  • The floor finally collapses, carrying Our Investigators (and a dead, flaming sheep) into the cold, cold darkness. They awaken in a damp, cold stone room, which Douglas’ lighter reveals to be the sewers under Portland… somewhere on or close after February 13th, 1925. In one of the corridors thick shadows gather, responding sluggishly to the lighter’s flame…

Notes and Observations

- Issac Newton is one of the three patron “mock-saints” of the Argent Group/Silver Twilight. along with Charles Darwin and (the very recent) Albert Einstein.



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