Persistent Memory

Let's give Douglas a hand

insert pun here

We stumble through the last portal, blind….there’s the sound of a man retching, followed by two men screaming, one right after the other; Douglas is nauseated and dizzy, falling to the ground, heaving, then screams in agony from a sudden pain in his wrist.

Our flashlights beam into the darkness as we try to locate each other.

Troy and Clara manage to orient themselves…they find Douglas doubled over on the ground. He clutches his right arm to his chest. Behind him a ragged man in a strangely-tailored suit prepares to take a swing at Douglas with an axe.

He is distracted by T and C, and lunges for Troy instead of hacking into Douglas again.

Troy blows the maniac away with his shotgun….at that moment, Douglas’ hand is flopping around on the ground, separated from his body.

There’s a Silver Twilight symbol on the floor next to the corpse of the axe maniac. It starts to open.

Tentacles pop up through the opening.

Clara runs to Douglas to try to staunch the blood flow. Marion tries to cut the tentacles with her sickles and fails.

Troy shoots at it.

Clara continues to try to assist Douglas.

Marion tries to cut the tentacles again and succeeds.

Douglas manages to dodge the aftermath of Marion’s attack (gore back-splash) and he and Clara both move out of the way.

Clara shoots it with her .45. Somehow we manage to kill it.

Marion goes wackadoo, stomping and slicking at the remains of the tentacled creature, shrieking and ranting.

Clara attends to Douglas and Troy’s wounds.

The symbol in the floor closed.

We look around the chamber…there’s a symbol like the Silver Twilight but altered, on the wall. Suggestions of mathematical equations beyond our capabilities come to mind.

We collect Douglas’ hand, bind the wrist, and secrete it in Clara’s purse, in the hopes that Marion can find a spell to help somehow reattach it.

We find the openings for two tunnels…Clara hears men singing and chanting from the left-hand tunnel…she bids the rest to listen. They all hear singing or talking, but the others in the group hear children or women’s voices.

We choose that tunnel and start walking….after following it for a while, we find a bedroll and lamp. There’s also a photo of a farmhouse, apparently seen from a hilltop…mundane, bucolic, possibly European….the odd thing is the color…the shades of the picture are off, as if the developing solution or process was different than we’re used to seeing. There’s something else, too…at the edge of the picture is a car…it looks like a test vehicle, the edges are too rounded.

We continue past the little campsite…the noises in the tunnel change, resolving into the sound of a child crying.

We move forward a little and in a dip, we see a little girl dressed in an old-fashioned outfit (circa 1880s)…she’s crying over the bodies of seven dead British soldiers in uniforms from the Great War. The way the men’s bodies are arranged on the floor indicates they killed each other. What’s even more strange is that they appear to have been dead 20 to 30 years…longer than the 10 years they would have been.

The girl looks at us…she’s pale, ashen…with dark eyes and hair. She clutches a biscuit tin at her side, and grabs a bayonet to protect herself from us. The biscuit tin is strange, oddly colored and of a strange construction.

On the other side of the dip, there is light…and sound…hopefully the opening of the tunnel.

Clara tries to calm her, to form a bond with the help of Marion and Douglas’ translations (the little girl speaks French)….after a couple of false starts, she takes Clara’s hand and goes with us towards the light at what is hopefully the opening of the tunnel.


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