Persistent Memory

Session: The Good Doctor

People Get Shot. Marian Found, Has a Little Something on Her Face.

Main Locale: Castronegro, New Mexico
Places: The Herrera Hotel, Vilheila-Pereira Tobacconist Shop
People: Juan Herrera, Constable Fred Garcia, Philip Vilheila-Pereira, Content Not Found: dr-Ferdinand-voight_, Content Not Found: climaco-diaz_, Content Not Found: james-whitlock

After a disconcerting moment, the awkwardness between Philip and our heroes is broken when a shot’s fired from upstairs. Philip decides the best thing to do is run like hell, and Douglas pursues. Clara attempt to keep the ranch-owner and his young ward (Oscar and Emilia Marerro, as it turns out) calm and not shooting at people, allowing the pair to collect themselves and retreat.

The shooter ran down the stairs to join the chase, but Douglas managed to slam into him as he rounded the corner into the shop proper. Clara and Douglas leave Philip to his flight and run out the back of the shop, but Climaco shoots Douglas in the shoulder before he makes it out. Douglas lets the insult go and keeps running, and soon Our Heroes make it back to the street.

Troy, meanwhile, recovered from getting a grazing shot to the head, regaining his feet on the roof. His shooter had fled back down the trapdoor, shutting the door behind him… but had jostled his captive enough so she could topple backwards, alerting Troy to her presence. Troy descended into the upstairs living space of the shop and found Marian, bound at wrists and ankles and her head mummified in spider-webs. Tiny spiders still scrambled about the strands, but as Troy brought her out to the fire escape they fled, scuttling down her body and back into the shop.

On the fire escape Our Heroes are reunited, and head back to the hotel. The citizens of Castonegro watch, pondering on the quirky habits of city-folk.

(GM Note: My memory is faded about what exactly transpired next. I am a bad person. Here’s the best I can recall — feel free to let me know the details I skipped.)

Dr. Voight arrives at the hotel some time later to tend to the wounds. He makes non-committal noises about Philip, noting that he served as a medic during the Great War. There’s an implication that Philip helps those who wants more private medical care. Dr. Voight departs with a warning that, once Our Heroes are capable, they’d be better off putting Castronegro behind them.

James Whitlock raises a ruckus downstairs and is shuffled off to bed by Juan, settling him in somewhere in the staff quarters. After Juan departs with a percolator of coffee, delivering it to some room, James is heard to shout: “He left! He left with the sheriff! And he had a gun!”


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