Persistent Memory


We head down the stairs..into darkness.

It’s wet, smelly, and pitch black; Clara stumbles, tripping over something. Marion produces her lighter so we can see. We are in the midst of seven corpses. They are arranged like the spokes of a wheel, heads inward. There are symbols painted on the concrete-patched stone floor, three per body. There is a spiral painted on the ceiling, the center of which is aligned with the center of the corpse-wheel.

Marion studies the symbols. She identifies them as being associated with Yog Sothoth. She concludes that these people’s bodies are an offering…the circle would allow the summoned creature to leave. She alters the symbols so that nothing can leave the space.

Clara investigates the bodies. There are six men and one woman. All adult. The woman appears to be older than the men; judging by her swollen joints, she appears to be in her late 50s to early 60s. Even though they’re nearly skeletal, they appear to have been dead for less than a month. They’ve been gnawed on—most of the bite marks appear to be from rodents, although some are larger, and the thigh-bones have been fractured…something has tried to suck out the marrow.

A hollow, clanking, whistling sound like bamboo wind chimes can be heard coming from an opening.

Douglas moves towards the opening to find the source of the sound. It peters out and then stops completely.

There’s a 3-foot ledge and then a 5-foot high tunnel that runs about 20 feet…we can hear water now.

We follow the tunnel…bones hang from the ceiling—they’ve been gnawed just like the corpses in the room behind us.

A man screams “CLARA

The terrible, hollow fluting sounds start again.

We follow another tunnel and drop off. The tunnels are now bare stone (older than the section we were previously in)…it appears to be a disused sewer line.

Besides the stench of sewage, we smell kerosene.

We end up in another room. Against one wall is a crate. Above it is an empty frame. Painted on the wall inside the frame is a silhouette of a person, depicted in mud, blood, slime, and fecal matter. This appears to be an altar…there are books and candles laid out on the crate.

There is movement from the tunnel to our right: a bone comes out…filled with chewed out holes.

A tentacled horror follows. Dark, viscous, sprouting human bones from its earthworm-like appendages.

We manage to defeat it, although Douglas gets hurt in the process. Marion takes some of the books from the crate, notably The Mase Howe Illuminations-1811 (a British book), and the Lenge Inscriptions, which are hand-bound and written in a combination of Cyrillic and English.

We hear a voice calling “CLARA…..DOUGLAS” and follow it.

The tunnel slopes up. We crawl up it…Clara, followed by Douglas, then Troy, then Marion.

At the top is a grate. Through it, we can hear two men talking. They are clearly discussing Steve/Roger.

One of the two men leaves the room (goes upstairs). The other man occupies himself by torturing Steve/Roger. We use the opportunity to push the grate out and crawl into the room.

Taking him by surprise, we tie the man up. We attempt to question him. He isn’t very forthcoming…in spite of our threats, he is pretty cocky, but he does give his name as Steve Alberts, and says he works for Chalmers Wright, Accountant, Gambler (and gambling-circle runner). He is connected to Patterson.

Clara runs out of patience with Steve Alberts’ impertinence and pistol-whips him.

The other fellow comes down the stairs, where Troy has been hiding in wait. Troy takes care of him.

Steve/Roger appears to be in better shape than we had expected; although his fingers are broken, he still has all of them. We attend to the worst of his wounds and get him out of there.


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