Clara Taylor

A young nurse at Morningside Insane Asylum with an interesting family tree.


Strength: 7 (2d+1)
Will: 9 (3d)
Health: 8 (2d+2)
Awareness: 9 (3d)
Fate: 6 (2d)
Agility: 8 (2d+2)

Agility Skills:
Wrestling: 11 (3d+2)
Stealth: 11 (3d+2)
Drive: 11 (3d+2)

Will Skills:
Wheedle/Con/Social Engineering: 9 (3d)

Awareness Skills:
Medicine: 12 (4d)
Psychology: 12 (4d)
Language-Latin: 9 (3d)
Research: 9 (3d)
Science-Pharmacology: 12 (4d)
Area Knowledge-Portland: 9 (3d)
Diplomacy: 9 (3d)
Mythos:12 (4d)

Adventurer traits
Forte-Sense Deception +1d


Clara is sensible and dependable. Her life outside of work has been very sheltered, cloistered even, due to having spent her adolescent years caring for her consumptive mother, who is now deceased. Her great aunt Eugenia’s illness over the months preceding her death had prompted Clara to move from her apartment to Eugenia’s house in order to provide Eugenia with the care she needed.

Clara Taylor

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