Constable Fred Garcia

Tight-Lipped Arm of the Law. If Arms had Lips.


A man in his late 30’s, with close-cropped hair, deep brown and flecked with gray. Stocky and apparently built from brick. His eyes are dark brown and his mouth is wide, displaying a bright smile or a suspicious frown with ease.

Constable Garcia was present at The Changeling when the explosion outside of town occurred and drove off for several hours. Afterwords he questioned the characters, stating that he’d found nothing outside of town but warning the characters they were under scrutiny. It’s pretty clear he’d rather see the backside of Our Heroes vanishing over the nearest horizon.

UPDATE: According to Content Not Found: james-whitlock_, the constable was forced into his truck by _Content Not Found: climaco-diaz and forced to drive north out of town. He is missing, presumed dead.

Constable Fred Garcia

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