Douglas Ryder

Reporter for the Oregon Journal


Strength: 8 (2d+2)
Will: 8 (2d+2)
Health: 8 (2d+2)
Agility: 8 (2d+2)
Fate: 6 (2d+0)
Awareness: 8 (2d+2)

Agility Skills
Firearms (2d+2)
Drive (2d+2)
Stealth (2d+2)
Brawling (2d+2)

Awareness Skills
Medicine (first Aid) (3d+2)
Area Knowledge (Portland) (2d+2)
Research (3d+2)
Specialty: News Archives (4d+2)
Diplomacy (2d+2)
Language: German (3d+0)
Wilderness (2d+2)
Mythos (3d+0)

Other Skills
(Health) Carousing (2d+2)
(Will) Wheedle (4d+1)

Keen Eyes (+1d) to vision related rolls

Service revolver damage (1d+2)
Sieben Tage und Neun Nachchte (Seven days and Nine Nights) Little Known book form 1802 detailing ghoslty events that occurred over the course of a week at Chateau-Thierry.
Mumified Hand (some kind of protection. May be my hand from the future)

Aptartment at 6th and Main


Douglas Ryder is 34 years old and works as a newspaper reporter for the Oregon Journal. Douglas is the type of person who will try something new, just to see what it’s like. Originally from Kenosha Wisconsin. Douglas majored in English literature with a minor in history at the University of Chicago. While his intention is to be an author, he has yet to actually finish anything. When America entered the Great War, Douglas enlisted in the Marines, thinking it would be interesting and worked as a journalist serving in the battle of Belleau Wood. After the war, he moved to Portland Oregon for a change of scenery and because it was far away from family.

Douglas Ryder

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