Dr. Arthur Bell


Dr. Bell was the late-night on-call medical examiner in Portland, and also the chief pathologist at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, along with some occasional consultant work up at OHSU. As is common with people in such positions, he was a frequent drinker and drug-abuser. Less commonly, he also was in cahoots with the undead sorcerer Edmund Cage, although it’s unclear how voluntary that relationship was.

The circumstantial evidence against Dr. Bell:

1) He was in the Good Sam morgue when Cage was performing the body-transfer ritual (and was subsequently devoured by one of the shadow-shrouded creatures),

2) The aforementioned shadow-shrouded creature apparently could access the morgue via a passage concealed behind one of the corpse drawers, something you’d expect Dr. Bell to have some knowledge about,

3) Ressurectionists used (use?) the sewers and Shanghai tunnels to move bodies around, as the Investigators discovered when Steve warned them back out of the tunnels beneath the Burnside bridge — tunnels that had a Shadow-Shroud lurking within, judging from Steve’s fixation with light.

4) More distantly, if more distressingly, Dr. Bell also may have performed an oophorectomy on Marian Elliot. While a common procedure for patient who exhibit hormonal imbalances as Miss Elliot ‘does’, in conjunction with the other Morningside Links the operation may have more sinister connotations.

Unfortunately(?), Dr. Bell got et up real good, so his secrets will be hard to unearth.

Dr. Arthur Bell

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