Marian Elliot

Self-taught Occult Sage, Apprentice Antiquitarian


A silver spoon college graduate from the University of Manchester in art history& visual studies. Her parents allowed her to live a charmed life with the knowledge that she was being groomed into being married off to a “elite family”.

Much to their dismay she rejected all marriage proposals due to her love of the fairer sex. Which landed her in ( the sanitarium where jenn’s character works) for rehabilitation of her disorder. She was forced through a battery of torturous experiments to show her the error of her judgement.
After Marian was deemed “rehabilitated” still shunned by her family, she took up work at a Auction house where she has been employed as the curator and clerk . Constantly coming across treasures from various cultures and times.

Her parents still hold onto the hope that she will marry soon.

Marian Elliot

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