A small statue, fashioned out of a grayish-green stone/glass of unknown origin, that was part of the Taylor estate auction. It was stolen along with several other items, but was left behind at the murder site of Benjamin Corbett along with a note reading “FOR MARIAN”. The statuette has remained at the Taylor Home after being held as evidence for a short period. The statuette was returned to Clara Taylor by Officer Vernon Dennis.

The statuette appears in a framed photograph at Eugenia Taylor’s home, although the Investigators are in disagreement about its appearance; Marian Elliot sees the image as pale, while others see it as dark, possibly black.

In Interlude 1, we discover that similar statues were found in New Mexico as well as Tunguska , and a similar statue fashion from basalt was found in San Francisco. Given the surroundings, the statue was apparently buried in the Earthquake of 1906.


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