Zachary Primm

Engineer on the Sellwood Bridge Project


Zachary Primm was one of the chief engineers of the Sellwood Bridge project, a transportation project taking place below the steep hill of Riverview Cemetery. According to Bartholomew Wright, he was a hastily appropriated 2nd attempt for Edmund Cage‘s body-hopping sorcery. While inhabited by Cage, Mr. Primm apparently went to Morningside and appropriated Douglas Ryder’s medical history, although the reason for this theft are unclear.

Zachary’s body was found along the shores of the Willamette River hours before the auction at the Ambassador Hotel. It’s assumed that Cage had lured Benjamin Corbett away several hours earlier and, with the assistance of Mr. Wright, enacted the ritual to hop bodies.

Investigations in Mr. Primm’s background reveal that he was, in all likelihood, merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, as well as someone of sufficient social ranking to converse with Mr. Corbett, thus making him a suitable host for Mr. Cage.


Zachary Primm

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