Morningside Links

Several of our characters have ties to Morningside Hospital, either as employees or (more frequently), patients.

People With Employment History:

People With Internment History:

Outside of this, several other people have tangential links to the sanitarium. A summation of the various (non-employment) connections:

1) Dr. Bell removed an ovary from Marian Elliot as part of the medical treatment for “an unhealthy abundance of womanly hormones.” The operation took place at OHSU but occurred while Miss Elliot was a patient at Morningside. This allegedly happened during a second stay at the hospital, but Miss Elliot has no recollection of this.

2) Steve was apparently a ‘confidant’ for the otherwise comatose Mr. Ryder. Much like Marian, Douglas Ryder has no recollection of a Morningside stay.

3) Along these lines: Steve, Douglas, and Simon Gatineau were all patients at the same time, with Douglas getting released first, then Simon, then Steve escaping. Simon was hostile and disparaging of Douglas, but the reasons for his antipathy were never clear.

4) Michael Kay took Simon in after Simon’s release, setting him up in a house at The Kay House in Forest Grove (see: Elsewhere.)

5) Edmund Cage, inhabiting the body of Zachary Primm, apparently took Douglas’s file. Presuming there ever was a file in the first place, which is still debatable.

6+) ?

Morningside Links

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