Morningside Sanitarium

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Morningside Hospital, a.k.a Morningside Sanitarium, is located in eastern Portland at the intersection of SE Stark St and 96th Avenue. Built on appropriated farmland, Morningside provides an idyllic, if unsophisticated, environment for the patients. The patients fall into one of three groups: impoverished exports from Alaska, Great War veterans requiring specialized treatment, and well-monied patients that require ‘certified’ treatment (as opposed to smaller, specialized practices that offered more sophisticated surroundings but less pedigreed care). The first two groups bring in government funds… funds which are usually diverted to care for the third group. Still, improvements made in 1911 provide a clean and safe environment for most patients, even if the Alaskan contingent are mostly contained rather than treated.

As Dr. Henry Coe moves towards full retirement, more duties fall upon Dr. Gilbert Harp, the head administrator. This, in turn, has led the doctor to promote Clara Taylor to Assistant Administrator — just in time for her to face increased inquiries into Morningside’s treatment methodology and safety records.

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Morningside Sanitarium

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