The Herrera Hotel

Place: Castronegro
People: Juan Herrera

The Herrera Hotel is the only place to stay in Castronegro. It costs $2.00 per night for a single room, meals included. It is an old adobe building, at least one hundred years old, with two stories. The first story contains a lounge, a dining room, a kitchen, and Juan’s quarters. The second story has a dozen rooms, with a rotating group of Apache farmers, rancheros, and peddlers staying for a night or two. The maid and the cook/handyman also reside upstairs.

Each room contains a bed, a small sitting area, a washbasin (fresh water provided every morning), and a window with shutters. There are four communal bathrooms, each with full facilities.

While not very fancy and rather sun-faded, the Herrera Hotel is clean and comfortable.

The Herrera Hotel

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