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Persistent Memory

Set primary in and around Portland Oregon. The current date is November 1st, 1924 . The current date Our Heroes reside in, however, is at the moment unknown.

Current Trivia Bit: Regarding “Dark Satanic Mills” — An alternative theory is that Blake is referring to a mystical concept within his own mythology related to the ancient history of England. Satan’s “mills” are referred to repeatedly in the main poem, and are first described in words which suggest neither industrialism nor ancient megaliths, but rather something more abstract: “the starry Mills of Satan/ Are built beneath the earth and waters of the Mundane Shell…To Mortals thy Mills seem everything, and the Harrow of Shaddai / A scheme of human conduct invisible and incomprehensible”.


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The Odd Synchronicities of Morningside: Morningside Links


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